Why a Men Only Practice?

I’ve been asked the question why run a male client only practise several times. To best explain this, I’ll introduce you to Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Now this is a long bow I’m drawing, but bear with me!

Wallace was a world karate champion for six years and retired undefeated. This was despite having an injury to his right knee that prevented him using it as an effective kick. His left kick was dynamite and when asked about his success, to paraphrase, he said, “most people run through 15,000 kicks per leg and that makes them very good. I’ve had to do 30,000 kicks with one leg which makes it unbeatable”.

So focussing my efforts on only men, makes me a far more effective counsellor for men.

However, I do know an excellent female counsellor that I’d be happy to refer women to if needed.

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