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Bones: Discovering the First Americans

Bones: Discovering the First Americans

Elaine Dewar

Language: English

Pages: 640

ISBN: 0786713771

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Award-winning journalist Elaine Dewar explores new terrain with Bones, uncovering evidence that challenges the conventional wisdom on how the Americas were peopled in early history. In her probing investigation, Dewar travels from Canada's Mackenzie River to the Brazilian state of Piaui, from the offices of the Smithsonian Institution to the Washington state riverbank where the remains of Kennewick man were found. Dewar captures a tale of hard science and human folly where the high stakes include professional reputations, lucrative grants, fame, and the resting places of wandering spirits.

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years. Prous had nothing against this notion, but nothing to support it either. He considered it important to be prudent. Thus he wanted to be sure I understood that Luzia’s bone collagen had not been dated, but rather the humic acids washed off the bone had been dated instead, and produced a minimum date of around 10,000 BP. He believed a date of 11,000 BP was fair. In 1976, Annette Laming-Emperaire was worried about making certain the excavation had the best controls in order to confirm the

with the rest of the world, the sites were so amazingly preserved, it was as if prehistoric man had just left. I kept seeing André Prous’s white and strained face, the effort he made to do his work well, the fear this matter of a lawsuit caused him. He and Guidon were both doing the same thing, unearthing the story of early people in the Americas. I couldn’t imagine what she thought could be gained by dragging him through the courts to make him pay for his remarks. Even if they were wrong, so

make a wacky kind of sense to me. “I’m a multi-wave person,” she said. “I track structural features of language on the oldest, deepest languages. We can trace [them back] approximately six thousand years. We call these stocks. For comparison, I break samples into eighteen smaller groups.” She launched into a description of the language equivalent of DNA markers—patterns of usage that can be seen in many different languages. She described, for example, the association of certain kinds of prefixes

Riverside to send [a sample] to Davis. Because she didn’t get on it right away, it didn’t get done.” Gentry Steele also suggested he get someone else to examine the remains and recommended Doug Owsley. “I called Owsley. I’d met him once before. He was very interested. My idea was to get this recorded by someone other than myself. No scientific discovery is real until someone else sees it. He could have done it in two days at the expense of tickets to D.C… . ” By this point, I had learned enough

requested immediate reburials of all the burials. He wanted to solve this problem with spirits. The old ones always said you never disturb the dead. If you do, bad things happen. “At another meeting the same year,” she said, “Alvin came with his tribal manager, just the three of us… . I gave him the entire inventory. I said I don’t have to give you this, but this is all the burials… . I have to find all the evidence, all the grave goods, it will take years to do the inventory… . I gave him every

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