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Coolidge: An American Enigma

Coolidge: An American Enigma

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0895264102

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The most successful and neglected president of the 20th century.

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have declared their intention to adhere, renouncing war as a national policy and agreeing to resort only to peaceful means for the adjustment of international differences. It is the most solemn declaration against war, the most positive adherence to peace, that it is possible for sovereign nations to make. It does not supersede our inalienable sovereign right and duty of national defense or undertake to commit us before the event to any mode of action which the Congress might decide to be wise if

the natural distribution of the channels already in existence the whole body would be strengthened and able to function in the usual way. Many have considered Coolidge indifferent to human suffering and unwilling to use government powers to alleviate it, but he demonstrated that he was far from immune to the calamity. Coolidge was asked to campaign for Hoover, but was not certain he should. Writing to Everett Sanders, who was the new Republican party chairman and wanted Coolidge on the stump,

Gillett, respectively. He made several campaign speeches, the first of his life in his own behalf. It was a successful campaign, and Coolidge won by a margin of 1,329 to 1,065, a large increase over the party’s vote the previous year. It was a Republican year, as Guild defeated Democrat John B. Moran by a margin of 222,518 to 192,295. Guild had been lieutenant governor under his predecessor, William L. Douglas, and according to tradition in the state, had moved up a notch in the next election.

of congratulation poured in, and in order to capitalize upon the reception, Coolidge sent copies to many people on the national scene as well as the local. Former President Taft congratulated Coolidge, thanking him for “sending it to me and for giving me an opportunity to read it.” There was a long, gracious letter from Senator Lodge. Lodge knew Coolidge was a Crane man, but did not as yet see him as a threat. At the time the two men had not yet met. The Lodge letter indicates that the senator

one of the last days before taking the train to Washington, Coolidge strolled up and down Main Street in Northampton, visiting one last time with some of his old friends. He would appear in the doorway, and say, “Well, I’ve come to say good-bye.” Then, after some pleasantries, he would go on to the next stop. The Coolidges now had to decide where to live. There was no official residence for the vice president. They soon learned—as had other vice presidential families before them—that they

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