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Daly City (CA) (Images of America)

Daly City (CA) (Images of America)

Bunny Gillespie

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0738528676

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nestled in the shadow of San Bruno Mountain and known as "The Gateway City" for its proximity to San Francisco, Daly City is much more than a typical suburb. A thriving and diverse community built along El Camino Real (The King's Highway), the road that connected all of the Spanish Missions in California, the city has evolved from a quaint agricultural town to an important business, residential, and transit center. This new collection of images, mostly vintage and rarely seen photographs, tells the city's journey from the original Spanish land grant through its 1911 incorporation and on to modern times. The town has always been cosmopolitan, developed with the help of Irish, German, and Italian settlers, and today's large numbers of Hispanic and Filipino residents. Aside from natural wonders like San Bruno Mountain and the dramatic Pacific coastline, Daly City also has man-made landmarks like the Cow Palace, which has long been host to large-scale events such as the Grand National Rodeo and political conventions. Nearby Colma is known for its cemeteries, but as readers will see in this book, shares a surprisingly rich history with Daly City.

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the award-winning architect Mario Ciampi. (Courtesy of Gillespie collection.) PASSING THE GAVEL. With City Manager Edward Frank looking on, Daly City’s 1961 mayor Robert “Bob” St. Clair passes the symbol of Daly City’s highest office to 1962 Mayor Joseph Verducci at Daly City’s City Hall on Wellington Avenue. Mr. St. Clair holds the unique distinction of having been the captain of the San Francisco ‘49ers professional football team during his term of office as mayor. (Courtesy of DC/C HG.)

be contemplating his future. (Courtesy of DC/C HG.) BAYSHORE BRANCH. The smallest of the four branches of the Daly City Library, Bayshore serves readers living in the sun belt near the Cow Palace. Their first library was opened in July of 1964 at 129 Acacia Street, with 4,000 books. Nine years later the facility was moved, with 14,000 volumes, to 2960 Geneva Avenue. This photograph is c. 1973. (Courtesy of DC/C HG.) BART UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Workmen hurried in 1972 to make progress on the BART

through 1983, selection of Miss Daly City was a project of the DC/Colma Chamber of Commerce. (Courtesy of Gillespie collection.) VINTAGE DISCOVERIES. More than 100 years after metal track was laid on Mission Street for the passage of streetcars through Daly City, work crews uncovered original pieces of rail. Street work halted briefly to allow gathering of some of the vintage materials for preservation at the DC/C HG’s mini-museum. (Photo by Ken Gillespie.) THE CHANGING SCENE. The Serra Theater

Selmi. The store sold fruit, vegetables, cheese, butter, eggs, cigars, tobacco, and fish (on Fridays). (Courtesy of DC/C HG.) AFTERNOON OUTING. All dressed up and out for a good time are these 1907 joy riders. Signs posted on background trees suggest “NO trespassing, NO bathing, fishing, shooting.” Shown, from left to right, are an unidentified driver (who probably owned the horse and rental wagon), Vincent Amoroso, Mamie Cavo Amoroso (with head on Vincent’s shoulder), Mary Cavo Bandino, and

way” in 1913 when testing new water pipes to be installed throughout the city. (Courtesy of DC/C HG.) HOLIDAY FUN. Garlands of hydrangea flowers and sword ferns decorate this “Order of Owls” Fourth of July float for the North County’s parade in 1912, one of the earliest community activities in newly incorporated Daly City. Girls holding American and Italian flags on the float are (left) Valerie Barsotti and Katie Abrami, while Katie’s dad keeps a watchful eye. The children at right not

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