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George Washington: History in an Hour

George Washington: History in an Hour

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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.

George Washington - a figure synonymous with American history. His image is known worldwide, marked on American currency, postage stamps - even a state is named after him. George Washington in an Hour explores the man beneath the symbol.

This is the essential chronicle of Washington's life - his rise from middle class Virginian upbringing to America's first President, elected unanimously twice. Explore Washington's legacy - from securing Independence, to his instrumental role in writing and adopting the American constitution.

George Washington in an Hour covers Washington's redefinition of greatness, relinquishing power not once but twice - at the end of Revolution and his second term in Presidency. Learn why Washington is still considered one of the most influential people in history, and how his impact shaped the world in this engaging overview of his life.

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the following years, he crossed and re-crossed the Appalachian Mountains, mapping the far reaches of the American wilderness for weeks at a time. He began buying up favourable lands, gradually taking his first steps toward becoming one of Virginia’s wealthiest men. George Washington’s first profession, then, entailed the measuring, understanding and, incrementally, the realising of the American landscape. Washington the surveyor The years 1752–1753 marked a turning point in his life. Lawrence

recurring episodes of severe mental trauma during which he was often physically restrained. The Science Museum of London has in its collections an envelope containing hair taken from George III’s head after his death. Analysis found it to be laden with arsenic at a concentration over 300 times that considered toxic. A likely source of arsenic was James’s Powders, a common medicine regularly given to George. The King’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1809, but soon afterward his mental state

Ohio County. As soon as Washington heard of this he wrote to Braddock to volunteer as an aide. Despite his best efforts to convince Braddock that the ‘Canadian’ French and Indians would not fight according to conventional European tactics, Braddock rejected Washington’s advice and marched straight into a devastating pour of musket fire that lead to a large loss of life. When Braddock was fatally wounded, Washington took control by riding back and forth across the battlefield, rallying troops,

City. The military damage inflicted on the British by Washington’s two victories was minor, but the psychological impact on both sides was huge. For the British, these victories forced Howe to rethink his strategies of holding down large areas of ground with a network of posts against an army as mobile and unconventional as Washington’s. For the Americans, they were a boost for morale and gave them renewed hope. They convinced Washington to broaden his hit-and-run tactics to a war of attrition.

refused to believe reports from Europe that the British recognized that they had lost their American Empire. He was convinced that King George III would ‘push the war as long as the nation would find men and money’. Washington therefore insisted on maintaining his army in a state of readiness until a treaty acknowledging American independence was signed. Washington at the Constitutional Convention This insistence on maintaining the Continental army at full strength was not well received by the

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