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Ocean Shore Railroad (Images of Rail: California)

Ocean Shore Railroad (Images of Rail: California)

Chris Hunter

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With one of the world's most scenic backdrops as a brilliant seascape for passengers, the Ocean Shore Railroad skirted northern California's coastline to service communities south of San Francisco for the first two decades of the 20th century. As impressive as it was idealistic, the line was held prisoner by natural forces that eventually took too much of a toll to keep its striking route churning. Today's Highway 1 traces the passage once paved with tracks, and points to the few remnants of one of California's most well-known excursion lines.

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after the devastating losses of the 1906 earthquake. Subsequent efforts to raise bond money failed as San Franciscans chose to rebuild in their beloved city rather than abandon it for the fantasy playgrounds being promoted along the San Mateo County coast. The burgeoning popularity of the automobile is often said to have delivered the death blow to the Ocean Shore Railroad, as people chose the independence of the new automobile age over the delights—and drawbacks—of a railroad system, a problem

old Tobin Station is near the left edge of the photograph below, at the end of the line of cars. Disposing of Ocean Shore equipment even meant using an engine in an early form of “demolition derby,” destroying old train engines for the enjoyment of the crowd. Such a spectacle would undoubtedly draw an audience even today. When the end came, Ocean Shore Railroad equipment was sold to anyone interested in buying it, and was thus scattered far and wide. The car above was sold to a buyer in Oregon

Eight THE MODELERS REVIVE THE MEMORY No one has done more to revive interest in the Ocean Shore Railroad in recent years than Armando and Danilo Vargas, twin brothers who make their living designing and building exquisite models of railroads and railroad environments. Their enthusiasm for the Ocean Shore Railroad comes from more than 20 years of passing the coast and seeing the route of the Ocean Shore Railroad right-of-way. Because of this enthusiasm, both men were prompted to build an

COMMUTING ALONG THE COASTSIDE Six - TRAINS LOSE OUT TO AUTOMOBILES Seven - NO MORE OCEAN SHORE ◆ ◆ ◆ RAILROAD, THAT IS Eight - THE MODELERS REVIVE THE MEMORY THE MYSTERY OF THE PEDRO POINT TUNNEL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people love the Ocean Shore Railroad for its historic qualities. Newspapers and magazines often focus on its brief life, repeating the same stories and republishing the same handful of iconic images. This compendium of information is no less an homage to what was the spirit of the

each way daily and on Sunday, six trains make round trips. This service is stimulating a large excursion travel, from 2,000 to 3,000 people usually visiting the beaches every Sunday, while the regular weekday trains are well-filled with commuters and sightseers. Traffic manager I.N. Randall made the statement this week that the present service will be continued throughout the season. The trip down the Ocean Shore to Half Moon Bay is declared by tourists to present the most magnificent combination

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