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The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence 1775-1783

The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence 1775-1783

Language: English

Pages: 892


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawn from letters, diaries, newspaper articles, public declarations, contemporary narratives, and private memoranda, The American Revolution brings together over 120 pieces by more than 70 participants to create a unique literary panorama of the War of Independence. From Paul Revere's own narrative of his ride in April 1775 to an account of George Washington's resignation from command of the Army in December 1783, the volume presents firsthand all the major events of the conflict-the early battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill; the failed American invasion of Canada; the battle of Saratoga; the fighting in the South and along the western frontier; and the decisive triumph at Yorktown. The American Revolution includes a chronology of events, biographical and explanatory notes, and an index.

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with his Family, to the Eastward part of Long-Island. The two foregoing Instances are sufficient, to give a Just Idea of the honour and Gratitude of the New York Torys. Novr: 28th: Col: Allen came to our Quarters he had been Employ’d in the Northern Army, the forepart of the War, & was taken Prisoner in som part of Canada about fourteen Months before; from whence he was Transported to Europe (being kept in Irons) after which he was brought to America while the British Fleet lay down at Sandy

me “what I wanted” in an ungenteel manner, and told me he could not attend to what I had to say, and said that the trial was coming on and I must attend to prosecute them. I informed him there was a lady who would be glad to speak with him. He then came to my mother and behaved in a very polite genteel manner, and assured her that he could not admit her application as the orders of the General must be obeyed, and that the soldiers were not suffered to commit such depredations upon the King’s

Words, but endeavored, with Dexterity enough, to turn off the Edge of my Arguments by some other matter, when they seemed to be cutting too close; but I chose to prevent him.—It was an agreeable amicable Conference, in wch we mutually expressed our Wishes for Accommodation & a speedy Termination to the Horrors of War. He mentioned that Gates, Washington, & some other principal officers of the Rebel-army freely gave out their Desire for a Treaty, when he passed through their Camp on his Return

Soon enough we had a comfortable ordanation but there Seems to me to be Something wanting I wanted you at home & that would have crownd all it is very cold to night I hope you will be provided for with a Comfortable Lodging I think a great deal about you both by night & by day but I desire to commite you to God who has hitherto preserved you & he is able Still to preserve you at all times O my Dear Let me beg of you to pute your trust in him att all times who alone is able to deliver us out of

came to an Anchor in the North River, in view of the Fleet, at about 4 or 5 Miles Distance above it, and beyond the principal Works of the Enemy. A Transport, during the Affair upon the North River, went up the East River & joined the other Ships, almost without Molestation. The whole Scene was awful & grand; I might say, beautiful, but for the melancholy Seriousness which must attend every Circumstance, where the Lives of Men, even the basest Malefactors, are at Stake. The Hills, the Woods,

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