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The Education of George Washington: How a forgotten book shaped the character of a hero

The Education of George Washington: How a forgotten book shaped the character of a hero

Austin Washington

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1621572056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

George Washington—a man of honor, bravery and leadership. He is known as America’s first President, a great general, and a humble gentleman, but how did he become this man of stature?

The Education of George Washington answers this question with a new discovery about his past and the surprising book that shaped him. Who better to unearth them than George Washington’s great-nephew, Austin Washington?

Most Washington fans have heard of “The Rules of Civility” and learned that this guided our first President. But that’s not the book that truly made George Washington who he was. In The Education of George Washington, Austin Washington reveals the secret that he discovered about Washington’s past that explains his true model for conduct, honor, and leadership—an example that we could all use.

The Education of George Washington also includes a complete facsimile of the forgotten book that changed George Washington's life.

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Dreaming Up America



















Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars, and Afghanistan. More Americans than all those who died in all of these wars, combined, died on the roads and highways in America in only the first ten years after 9/11. If you want to understand how people live in the presence of constant death, look at yourself. Beyond the occasional devastating plague, other horrific and often deadly diseases such as scarlet fever and smallpox cut large swaths through the adult population of colonial America. These diseases have

George noted, claimed “an undoubted Right to the River, from a Discovery made by one LaSalle sixty years ago; and the Rise of this Expedition is to prevent our [the British] settling on the River or Waters of it, as they had heard of some Families moving-out in Order thereto.” In other words, after waiting six decades, during which they had done nothing to settle the area, the moment the English wanted to do something productive with the land, the French had suddenly decided to enforce their

out. Every hyperactive child has energy. A rare genius focuses it with great clarity. Here is how it actually looked: a friend of George’s, about this time, describes what Martha would have seen as George sat in Martha’s parlour, gaining her trust, and finally her hand in marriage. “His features are regular and placid with all the muscles of his face under perfect control, though flexible and expressive of deep feeling when moved by emotions. In conversation he looks you full in the face, is

in Chief of the American Armies” on June 18, 1775, my great-uncle wrote to her, telling the story of his election, at least as he saw it: You may believe me my dear Patcy, when I assure you, in the most solemn manner, that, so far from seeking this appointment I have used every endeavour in my power to avoid it, not only from my unwillingness to part with you and the Family, but from a consciousness of its being a trust too great for my Capacity and that I should enjoy more real happiness and

you around. Not even six-foot-three heroes. Was George going to change this undisciplined Yankee individualism overnight? Don’t bet your curiously wrought withes on it. George, in fact, was sensible enough not to try to change things overnight. Incrementally, however, he changed the disorder he initially found into an army with enough order to win a war, while still retaining enough individualism to be American. These two attributes were both vital to America’s success, as the relative order

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