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The Everything American Revolution Book: From the Boston Massacre to the Campaign at Yorktown-all you need to know about the birth of our nation

The Everything American Revolution Book: From the Boston Massacre to the Campaign at Yorktown-all you need to know about the birth of our nation

Daniel P. Murphy

Language: English

Pages: 249

ISBN: 2:00352291

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Scrappy farmers. Aristocratic landowners. Eccentric geniuses. These were the rebels who took on the world's greatest power - and won.

From the rebellion against "taxation without representation" to the beginnings of American self-government, readers will learn how this unlikely group of colonists shaped a new nation. This book features all readers need to know about this exciting time:

• The beginnings of colonial unrest and rebellion
• The drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence
• Major battles, including Lexington and Concord, Trenton, Saratoga, Valley Forge, and Yorktown
• Daily life for soldiers and ordinary colonists on both sides of the war
• The birth of the United States

This easy-to-read book covers all the key players and major events—from King George III and George Washington to the Boston Tea Party and the launch of a new government. The interesting facts and vivid details inside will turn any history-phobe into an enthusiastic history buff!

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American cause. Altogether, about 5,000 African Americans fought for the United States. They served in integrated units, something that would not be seen again in the American military until the Korean War. When Rochambeau’s force united with Washington’s troops outside New York City in 1781, the French were impressed by the number of African Americans in the ranks of the Continental army. The Case for Abolition The contradiction involved in fighting for human liberty while countenancing

found slavery incompatible with the new state constitution and declared it abolished. In 1784, New Hampshire also ended slavery, while Connecticut and Rhode Island instituted programs for the gradual emancipation of their slaves. American leaders were often torn between their consciences and self-interest on the issue of slavery. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” There was a growing sense that slavery

Mississippi River by the 1790s. A similar situation developed in the south. The Creeks responded to pressure to sell land by going to war in 1786. They received support from the Spanish authorities in Florida. The Spanish did not recognize the southern boundary with Florida as outlined in the Treaty of Paris. The authorities in Madrid remained suspicious of the American republic and were determined to contain it. In 1784, the Spanish closed the navigation of the Mississippi to Americans. This

men of the Hudson River Valley rallied to the American army. Herds of animals were driven away and crops burned to deny them to the British. Propaganda played an important role in the Revolutionary War. The murder of Jane McCrea was seized on by American propagandists to illustrate the wickedness of the British and their Indian allies. Horatio Gates very effectively portrayed Jane McCrea as a young woman of “virtuous character, and amiable disposition” cruelly “scalped and mangled in a most

retreat to protect his bases in South Carolina. On October 14, his army started south. It was an ordeal. Much of the time it rained, and supplies were short. American militia cut off stragglers. The men were wracked by malaria and yellow fever. Cornwallis himself was sick. The army finally reached shelter on October 29. Greene Is Sent South Following Camden, Horatio Gates no longer had the confidence of Congress. Congress asked Washington to pick a new commander of the Southern Department.

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