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Military in San Diego, The (No Series)

Military in San Diego, The (No Series)

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No city is as proud of its military heritage as San Diego, known as Navy Town, USA. Congress also has designated San Diego as the Birthplace of Naval Aviation. However, its community fabric reflects a more diverse and tightly woven relationship with our nations defense. Over the past century, the city has invented and then reinvented itself in response to shifting world affairs and national priorities. It began with a successful campaign to become a West Coast Navy base in the early 1900s. By the 1930s, military aircraft manufacturing drove economic development. After explosive growth in World War II, San Diego emerged as an established military metropolis. At the dawn of the Cold War, San Diego recast itself as a home for Cold War research and development and defense contractors. Today, San Diego is an internationally renowned defense science and technology development center, a city in which one in four jobs and fully 50 percent of regional domestic product are defense related. Like no other city in America, San Diego has grown from a remote military presidio outpost to become a preeminent Pacific powerhouse.

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Lexington off the coast became a common sight. By the dawn of World War II, naval aviation had developed such a prominent role that the Navy reorganized all of its aircraft into a single naval air forces command in 1942. Its headquarters was moved to San Diego in 1949, where it remains today. (Maritime Museum of San Diego.) 77 The Military in San Diego Shortly after leaving the Army in 1922, aviation pioneer T. Claude Ryan established the Ryan Flying School at Lindbergh Field. By 1925, he was

9 2. An Era of Opportunity: 1908–1916 27 3. Birth of a Military Metropolis: 1917–1921 47 4. Navy Town: 1922–1939 63 5. Blitz-Boom: 1940–1945 85 6. Cold War Warrior: 1946–1959 107 7. Network-Centric Warfare: 1960–1990 125 Acknowledgments A wide range of historians, military professionals, civic leaders, and Tom LaPuzza of Space & Naval Warfare Systems, San Diego; Stephanie volunteers dedicated to preserving the legacy of the military in San Venn-Watson and Mark

testing, salvaging a Navy fighter jet, mining ore samples, and studying oceanfloor geology. On some missions, trained dolphins delivered messages, the mail, and tools to SeaLab II. 126 Network-Centric Warfare: 1960–1990 Submarine Development Squadron Five was first organized in 1967 in San Diego. The research submarine USS Dolphin was commissioned the following year and assigned to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center on Point Loma. It could transport 12 tons of testing equipment and conducted

Warfare Systems Center Pacific.) 134 Network-Centric Warfare: 1960–1990 Lesser-known San Diego R&D firms have contributed to military capability, including Ametek Straza. It developed sonar systems for nuclear-powered submarines and an ROV called Scorpio (Submersible Craft for Ocean Repair, Position, Inspection and Observation). Scorpio was connected to a surface ship by a flexible umbilical cable. In this image, Scorpio is tested in San Diego Bay. In addition to tethered ROVs, the Ocean

courtesy of the San Diego History Center. 6 Introduction The history of the San Diego region is inextricably interwoven with   Today, military spending in the region is approximately $20 billion the history of the US military. Over the course of five generations, this annually, the majority of which supports approximately 130,000 jobs. symbiotic relationship, which predated the birth of the nation, is one in In addition, more than an estimated 300,000 civilians support the which most San

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