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The Spy

The Spy

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1492263672

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The famous book The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper. Originally published in 1821, The Spy is the first literary success of James Fenimore Cooper. Enjoy this wonderful tale The Spy today!

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the fanatic, and employed in affected admiration of the steeds. “A fine horse!” said the leader in this plan of mischief; “but a little low in flesh; I suppose from hard labour in your calling.” “My calling may be laboursome to both myself and this faithful beast, but then a day of settling is at hand, that will reward me for all my outgoings and incomings,” said Birch, putting his foot in the stirrup, and preparing to mount. “You work for pay, then, as we fight for’t?” cried another of the

know them, Captain Wharton,” returned the pedler; “there is a sergeant at this moment looking after us, as if he thought all was not right; the keen-eyed fellow watches me like a tiger lying in wait for his leap. When I stood on the horseblock, he half suspected that something was wrong. Nay, check your beast — we must let the animals walk a little, for he is laying his hand on the pommel of his saddle. If he mounts, we are gone. The foot-soldiers could reach us with their muskets.” “What does

the other. Harvey Birch had been a pedler from his youth; at least so he frequently asserted, and his skill in the occupation went far to prove the truth of the declaration. He was a native of one of the eastern colonies; and, from something of superior intelligence which belonged to his father, it was thought they had known better fortunes in the land of their nativity. Harvey possessed, however, the common manners of the country, and was in no way distinguished from men of his class, but by

the soldier frankly, placing both her hands in his own, exclaimed — “Ah, Dunwoodie! how happy, on many accounts, I am to see you! I have brought you in here, to prepare you to meet an unexpected friend in the opposite room.” “To whatever cause it may be owing,” cried the youth, pressing her hands to his lips, “I, too, am happy in being able to see you alone. Frances, the probation you have decreed is cruel; war and distance may shortly separate us for ever.” “We must submit to the necessity

there was danger of personal outrage to any man, Colonel Wellmere, from a party that Major Dunwoodie commands,” returned young Wharton, with a slight glow on his face: “his character is above the imputation of such an offence; neither do I think it altogether prudent to cross this brook into the open plain, in the face of those Virginian horse, flushed as they must be with the success they have just obtained.” “Do you call the rout of those irregulars and these sluggish Hessians a deed to boast

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